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YouTube to mp4 – Online Free Converter

Ninjaconverter is your free YouTube mp4 converter thanks to which you can easily download YT videos in mp4 and always at maximum speed.

How to download YouTube mp4: only 2 steps

It only takes a few seconds to have your favorite YouTube videos with you. In just 2 steps you can convert and download YouTube videos to mp4. STEP 1: copy video URL from YouTube and paste it into Search bar STEP 2: choose the format you want and click the “Convert” button.
Now your mp4 video is ready!

Super Fast

Thanks to its special technology, Ninjaconverter guarantees the files download always at the highest speed.

100% Free

No fee required to download your favorite files from Yt. Ninjaconverter will always be free.

Super Easy

Everyone can use Ninjaconverter: it’s simple and intuitive and always does what it promises.

No Limitation

Convert and download your YouTube mp4 videos without worrying about running out the number of conversions.

Video and Audio

Ninjaconverter can download all your Facebook videos in video format (mp4, wav, webm or mkv) or audio format (mp3).

No Registration

You don’t have to make any registration to use Ninjaconverter: use it freely whenever you want.

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Download Yt video to mp4 or in other available formats

YouTube is the largest online video platform. Here you can watch all kinds of videos you are interested in, but only if you have an internet connection. Thanks to Ninjaconverter you can continue watching your favorite videos even when you don’t have an available internet connection. Just download the video to your iPhone, Android, or PC and watch it whenever you want. You can download your videos in the available formats: mp4 – webm – mkv. Remember also that Ninjaconverter allows you to download only the audio of the video you have chosen by selecting the mp3 format.

Always download High Quality video: 720p, 1080p, 4k and HD

One of the main features that make Ninjaconverter the best YouTube video conversion tool is its ability to download High Quality YouTube mp4 videos at maximum speed. That’s why people who want to convert a YouTube video rely on Ninjaconverter. In just a few seconds you can download videos in 720p, 1080p, 4k and full HD.

YouTube to wav option

Ninjaconverter also supports wav format: this means that when you are ready to download your video you can also choose to download it in wav. The process will take only a few seconds.
You can use this free converter just by visiting Ninjaconverter’s website. There are no applications or software to install. No initial steps and no registration are required. You can download your YouTube videos to wav quickly and easily on your smartphone, PC, or tablet.
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